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ʻUlu State Disaster Response Training

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The ‘Ulu Disaster Response Cultural Training Series presents opportunities to connect with Hawaiian values and perspectives on Mauli Ola, optimal health, values that are shared across all cultures that today have been replaced with self-reliance. Through a cultural lens, this series supports participants in recognizing that nature is not a disaster but part of a necessary remedy to signs and symptoms of substance misuse and mental distress that may be exacerbated by the disasters we face in our lives.

Native Hawaiian Cultural Intervention Training

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The series adapts the Kanilehua Framework to provide technical assistance and training to the Hawaiʻi Opioid Initiative as well as build a middle & high school curriculum for primary prevention. The training approach includes an opening ceremony, sharing of ʻike Hawaiʻi through the ʻai me ka iʻa (fish and poi, salt and starch) concept, academic research, continuing education units, resource toolkits and culturally safe virtual learning space.

Hānai Ahu: Anchoring Culture in Substance Use Treatment & Prevention Models

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Join the Māpuna Lab’s virtual summer training series on adopting cultural anchors for substance use treatment and prevention strategies. This series provides a tri-lens cultural view of substance use emphasizing “The Impacts of Colonization on Ahupuaʻa. Conceptualization, V3.0” framework that recently launched with the Hawaiʻi State Plan for the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division of the Department of Health.
What is your ahu?
What is your pua‘a?

Hawaiʻi Train Opportunities

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Powered by the Public Health Foundation (PHF), the TRAIN Learning Network brings together agencies and organizations in the public health, healthcare, and preparedness sectors to disseminate, track, and share trainings for the health workforce on a centralized training platform. Get started on the course trainings for Native Hawaiian Cultural Intervention Training: Access to Treatment by selecting the section in each webinar. Please note, sections are unlocked as you progress through the coursework for each webinar.


(c. 1540-1634)

Kākuhihewa is the 15th aliʻi ‘aimoku (ruling chief) of O‘ahu famously named in the mele “Kaulana Nā Pua.” Kākuhihewa was a kind and friendly chief who was born in Kūkaniloko and raised in the ‘Ewa moku. His primary endeavor was farming, and it is said that his abundant harvests on O‘ahu could be smelled from Kaua‘i.

Today, there is a state office building named after him in Kapolei.