Native Hawaiian Cultural Intervention Training

The Learning Tools

As part of the Native Hawaiian Cultural Intervention Training, we developed three (3) different learning tools that encompass the twelve (12) trainings and include the following topics: History, Cultural Practice, and ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i. The learning tools will be used to improve cultural competency across HOI work group members, pharmacists, and prevention & treatment providers. Educational tools to increase linguistic ability in ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i, awareness of Hawaiian cultural practices, and understanding of Hawaiian history will include a booklet, and history cards, and a guide for integrating the Kanilehua Framework and Screening Brief-Intervention and Referral to Treatment. Altogether, the purpose of the curriculum tools is to engage participants in an environment of active learning that extends beyond the time spent in any one webinar. 


Our Learning Tools

History Cards

Kanilehua Framework & SBIRT Guide

Kanilehua Framework Webinar Series Interactive Booklet


(c. 1540-1634)

Kākuhihewa is the 15th aliʻi ‘aimoku (ruling chief) of O‘ahu famously named in the mele “Kaulana Nā Pua.” Kākuhihewa was a kind and friendly chief who was born in Kūkaniloko and raised in the ‘Ewa moku. His primary endeavor was farming, and it is said that his abundant harvests on O‘ahu could be smelled from Kaua‘i.

Today, there is a state office building named after him in Kapolei.