Hānau Ahu: Anchoring Culture in Substance Use Treatment & Prevention Models

Webinar 8: Patient and Practitioner Empowerment Through AI

Webinar 8 Resource Database

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1 Online Article Researchers outline how AI chatbots could be approved as medical devices AI Chatbots, LLM (Large Language Models) Patient Safety
2 Online Article Smart watches could detect Parkinson's up to seven years before hallmark symptoms appear Wearable Tech, AI Early Detection Screening Tool
3 Online Article Google Cloud Collaborates with Mayo Clinic to Transform Healthcare with Generative AI Cloud Technology Patient Safety, Privacy
4 Online Article A responsible path to generative AI in healthcare Generative AI, LLM (Large Language Models)
5 Online Article Improving search experiences with Enterprise Search on Gen App Builder Generative AI, Machine Learning
7 Online Article Apple is reportedly building a paid AI health coach AI, Wearable Tech Coaching
8 Online Article Apple is reportedly developing its own journaling app for the iPhone mHealth
9 Podcast Episode A.I. Could Solve Some of Humanityʻs Hardest Problems. It Already Has AI, AI Chatbots
10 Publication Indigenous Protocol and Artificial Intelligence
Position Paper
Resource Type Title View Resource Tech Tag Patient Tag Provider Tag

About John

John Ano is a native Hawaiian IT systems engineer and software developer with four decades of experience in the tech industry. His formal education is in Psychology and Cognitive Science with an emphasis in how humans process information. Additionally, he studied neuroanatomy and neurophysiology to better understand how the brain processes information at various scales.

He is a Microsoft alum and currently contracts with the hardware division (Surface) on IT infrastructure and AI integration. For the past 4 years he has been actively studying neural networks and machine learning with a focus on text-to-speech (TTS) and large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT.  His current research and interests in ML/AI relate to continuous learning, engram formation and persistence, and the phenomenon of catastrophic memory loss in overtraining scenarios.


(c. 1540-1634)

Kākuhihewa is the 15th aliʻi ‘aimoku (ruling chief) of O‘ahu famously named in the mele “Kaulana Nā Pua.” Kākuhihewa was a kind and friendly chief who was born in Kūkaniloko and raised in the ‘Ewa moku. His primary endeavor was farming, and it is said that his abundant harvests on O‘ahu could be smelled from Kaua‘i.

Today, there is a state office building named after him in Kapolei.